Why GreenRoad?

Green Road High School provides top-tier education under the management of Dr. Yousefi. Dr. Yousefi is a faculty member at the Toronto Metropolitan University. The teachers at the school are professional and qualified for their position.

How long does it take ?

To achieve a Canadian high school diploma, students will have to complete 4 years of schooling and taking different courses to complete their education.

Why a Canadian Diploma?

A Canadian Diploma is an important achievement for those who want to continue their education in Canada. If you would like to pursue university education in Canada, it is required that you have a Canadian Diploma.


What is the Visa process?

In order for students to study in person in Canada, they are required to have a study permit (visa). This process requires registration and acceptance from the school.


What is the registration process ?

If you would like to begin your journey for an education in Canada, you can contact us with the contact information provided on the website for further information!


how much cost to take online diploma from canada

The cost of 8 course per year in Online method is : $8000 and inClass price is : $14000

our testimonials
We have posted a few student reviews of Green Road High School below. We are always interested in learning more about our students and their stories. If you have a story you would like to share, please contact us!
Ali Rezaei, 

If you want to experience university before highschool, this is the best place to do so! Professor Youssefi's experience as a university professor helped me to create the perfect structure to prepare for university environment and university style schedules.

Computer Science Student at Ryerson University and Member at Ryerson Rams Robotics 
Donia Firooznik,

I have studied grade 11 chemistry in Green Road Academy and also 10 sessions of IELTS tutorials. The main reason that I chose green road was the teaching system and friendly staff.

GeorgeBrown Architecture Technician
Shirin Amiraslani,

Green road academy is a great academy with excellent teachers, high quality classes and small groups of students. I graduated from GRA and stilI miss their super warm and friendly atmosphere.  I loved it.

Applied Mathematics student at York University
Ramtin Mir Sajjadi,

Firstly, it was my pleasure to be part of the Green Road Accademy family. Throughout my high school education the classes I participated at Green Road Accademy helped me to be successful for entering my desired university and program.

(1st Year Ryerson Civil Engineering)

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