Student Records


There are four important documents that students should be aware of throughout their time in secondary school.

Ontario Secondary School Report Cards: Every student receives a midterm report and a final report in each course they take.

The Ontario Student Transcript: Every student has an ongoing transcript that records their progress towards earning the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma: Each student who successfully meets the requirements will receive an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

The Ontario Student Record: Every student has an Ontario Student Record that contains all relevant documentation from their elementary and high school education.


Report Card

Green Road High School issues an official Ontario Secondary School Report Card when a student reaches the midterm point of a course and again upon course completion. One copy will be sent directly to the school holding the student’s Ontario Student Record (OSR) to be added to the record and to the Ontario Student Transcript (OST).  

The report card provides a percentage grade which reflects the corresponding level outlined in the achievement chart for the discipline. A student successfully earns the credit when a final grade of 50% or higher is earned.

The final grade for each course in Grades 9–12 will be determined through the completion of both course work and a final evaluation. Course work and assessments will make up 70% of the final grade. This portion of the grade should reflect the student’s most consistent level of achievement. However, special consideration can be given to more recent evidence of achievement. The remaining 30% of the final grade will be based on a final evaluation delivered as an examination, performance essay, and/or other method suitable to the course content.

The report card also provides a record of the learning skills demonstrated by a student in each course. Learning skills will be assessed in the following six categories: Responsibility, Organization, Independent Work, Collaboration, Initiative, and Self-Regulation. These learning skills are evaluated using a four-point scale (E–Excellent, G–Good, S–Satisfactory, N–Needs Improvement). The report card includes the teacher’s comments on what a student has learned, their significant strengths, and the next steps for improvement. The report may also include the principal's comments on a student’s performance.


Ontario Student Transcript

The Ontario Student Transcript (OST) is an official document issued by public, Catholic, and Ministry-inspected private schools in Ontario, as well as international schools authorized to grant Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credits. The OST is a record of all secondary school courses and other OSSD requirements completed by a single student. This document is stored in the student’s Ontario Student Record (OSR) and is retained for 55 years following the end of a student’s high school education.

The OST will track and record

OSSD credits successfully earned

Unsuccessful course attempts in Grades 11 and 12

Withdrawals from Grade 11 and Grade 12 courses if the student progresses past the mid-term point

Repeated courses in Grades 11 and 12

Equivalent credits granted for schoolwork completed at institutions outside of public, Catholic, and Ministry-inspected private schools

in Ontario or Ontario international schools

Completion of the required 40 hours of community involvement

Satisfaction of the Ontario Secondary School Literacy requirement

Any Ontario Secondary School Diploma or Certificate earned


Ontario Secondary School Diploma

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) is the primary goal of high school students in Ontario. Students must successfully complete a total of 30 credits (of which 18 are compulsory), satisfy the Ontario Literacy Requirement, and complete 40 hours of Community Involvement Activities in order to earn the OSSD. A credit is earned following the successful completion of a 110-hour course that aligns to the curriculum expectations as outlined by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

GRHS will issue the OSSD to students who take all of their courses with GRHS or to those who have completed courses at other schools but have successfully completed their final credit or credits with VHS. The OSSD issued by GRHS is the same OSSD as that issued by any public, Catholic, or Ministry-inspected private school in Ontario and is recognized by colleges and universities around the world.


Ontario Student Record

The Ontario Student Record (OSR) is a physical file folder which must be created for each student upon registration. This includes registering for any public, Catholic, or Ministry-inspected private school in Ontario and registration at international schools authorized to grant OSSD credits. The OSR contains all official school records for a single student. Every student taking a course with Green Road High School must either have an existing OSR or must arrange to establish a new OSR. The contents of the OSR are protected by the Education Act and Freedom of Information legislation for the province of Ontario.

If a GRHS student is also currently attending or has graduated from another school granting OSSD credits, that student's OSR may continue to reside at the home school. When a student completes a course, GRHS will send an official copy of the final report card directly to the home school, where the credit will be added to the student’s Ontario Student Transcript.

If GRHS is a student’s primary school of registration or a student does not have an existing OSR, GRHS may need to contact the student to facilitate the creation or acquisition of these records.