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The courses menu provides students with access to the Ontario curriculum of courses from Grade 9 to the Grade 12 level. Students are able to find the courses they need to take each year, how long the course will be open for from the date that they register for the course, a course description, and the prerequisites for each course. Please note that parents are expected to help their children in the selection of these courses - we will provide a list of recommended science courses, arts courses, and other courses which should be taken together, but it is ultimately the judgement of the student and parent which should determine what courses are best suited for their goals in university or college. Please note that the school guidance counsellors and principal can also help with the selection process, so feel free to reach out for assistance if there are issues with registration or course inquiries.

Please note that students need to complete 30 courses during high school, which is usually done in 4 years time. Of these 30 courses, 18 courses are mandatory and 12 are optional. In addition, students must complete 40 hours of volunteering, and they must complete the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test to graduate. In Grade 9 and 10, students have the option of taking compulsory courses which are Academic or Applied - for Academic courses, these will lead students to University courses in Grade 11, and for Applied courses, these will lead students to college or workplace courses. In Grade 11 and Grade 12, students will have the option of choosing courses for University, College, University/College, and Workplace. Courses labelled with (U) will lead students to University, whereas courses labelled College/Open are oriented for College or Work Places.