Information on GRHS Program


Green Road High School (GRHS) is a private, Ministry-inspected, online(asynchronous ) /in class  high school offering Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credit courses. GRHS offers courses from grades 9-12, all of which count towards the OSSD. 

Enrolment: Students can enrol any time during the year as we work based on continuous intake module.  All students are eligible to take courses with GRHS. Permission from the student's main school of registration is not required. Students may enrol through phone call or register link. The register login information will be sent to student after registration.

Support: In addition to the asynchronous lectures, GRHS provides live lectures to improve teacher-students communication and to enhance studnet's learning objective.

Final Exams: Students may finish their courses and write their proctored final exams online from anywhere in the world.

Course Materials: All online course content, homeworks, videos, quizes, and assessments exist within our  learning environment.

Communication: GRHS will communicate with the student's main school of registration throughout the course by sending them a letter of registration, a midterm report, and a final report. Upon request by the student, GRHS will also send this information to the OUAC, OCAS, or post-secondary institutions. When the main school of registration receives the final report, the mark is added to the student's Ontario Student Transcript, making GRHS courses the perfect complement to any student's secondary school education. Alternatively, students may enroll in GRHS full-time and earn their entire OSSD online.